These are the three places I would start (non sports related
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The Spirit of Notre Dame – Notre Dame’s Grotto

Tom Dooley’s Letter

Father Sorin’s Letter (copied below)

From a letter of
Founder of the University of Notre Dame
to the
Founder of the Congregation of Holy Cross

Notre Dame du Lac
December 5, 1842
Beloved Father,

When we least dreamed of it, we were offered an excellent piece of property, about 640 acres in extent. This land is located in the county of St. Joseph on the banks of the St. Joseph River, not far from the city of St. Joseph, (Michigan). It is a delightfully quiet place, about twenty
minutes from South Bend. This attractive spot has taken from the lake which surrounds it the beautiful name of Notre Dame du Lac.... It is from here that I write you now.

Everything was frozen over. Yet it all seemed so beautiful. The lake, especially, with its broad carpet of dazzling white snow, quite naturally reminded us of the spotless purity of our august Lady whose name it bears, and also of the purity of soul that should mark the new inhabitants of this chosen spot.... We were in a hurry to enjoy all the scenery along the lakeshore of which we had heard so much. Though it was quite cold, we went to the very end of the lake, and like children, came back fascinated with the marvelous beauties of our new home.... Once more, we felt that Providence had been good to us, and we blessed God from the depths of our soul.

Will you permit me, dear Father, to share with you a preoccupation which gives me no rest?

Briefly, it is this: Notre Dame du Lac was given to us by the bishop only on condition that we establish here a college at the earliest opportunity. As there is no other school within more than a hundred miles, this college cannot fail to succeed.... Before long, it will develop on a large
scale.... It will be one of the most powerful means for good in this country.

Finally, dear Father, you cannot help see that this new branch of your amily is destined to grow under the protection of Our Lady of the Lake and of St. Joseph. At least, that is my deep conviction. Time will tell if I am wrong.

-- E. Sorin


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