As my wife is a Realtor, I was responding with a long
by BacTien (2012-12-31 09:48:06)
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  In reply to: I mean this as no disrespect to real estate agents.........  posted by Ty Webb

winded example laden response but I figured I would cut it to the quick. You can do a lot of things yourself. Roof the house. Cut your hair. Repair your car. Build a deck. Install a furnace. And so on. If you know what your are doing, you should be fine. If you don't know and if it isn't a dangerous situation (failing to hook gas lines to the furnace properly) you will probably still be fine. If you screw it up and the deck collapses, well, you're out a few thou and whatever damages your guests received when the dang thing gave way.

However, for what is most likely the most expensive purchase a person can make in their life, buying or selling a house. It is best to hire a pro. Buying or selling a house is something you do usually only a few times and thus don't develop any real expertise.

Mrs. BT has even helped folks constructing new homes. It costs her client nothing as the contractor pays her a fee.

Is a Realtor worth it? Not all of them, but Mrs. BT is, or so say many of her clients including one who sent a hundred dollar gift card thanking her for all her help and effort...and they bought a house in another town from another Realtor.


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