Does the MIL like medical thrillers?
by Revue Party (2012-12-30 23:25:59)
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  In reply to: I'm seeking Back Room Book Recs  posted by FormerIrishHoya

If so, she might like Michael Palmer and/or CJ Lyons, both of whom are MD's who write thrillers. I read a lot of what you might call "dreck". Even write some.

For "spy thrillers" somewhat off the beaten path could be Andrew Grant's EVEN. I've read that and enjoyed it. I just bought his second book, DIE TWICE. Grant's wife, Tasha Alexander is a Domer who writes best-selling historical fiction and his brother created a character called Jack Reacher.

For a kick-ass female protagonist spy thriller type, I'd recommend Taylor Stevens's THE INFORMATIONIST. James Cameron just agreed to make the movie.

I just bought a book called DON'T EVER GET OLD by Daniel Friedman. He pitched it as "the funniest books about Nazi's you'll ever read". Nelson DeMille raved about it. The protagonist is named Buck Schatz, who's an 89-year old Nazi hunter. You can't go wrong with a name like that.


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