Let's call it "Love, Actually. The Musical."
by Atticus (2012-12-30 22:11:48)
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  In reply to: Atticus refers to this  posted by wetbird

That might draw the youngsters into a lifetime of enjoyment. Alfhoigh I haven't seen the movie, I can well imagine it deals with the same topic.

The linked clip immediately precedes the 15 minutes and is almost as perfect as what follows and it is a lesson in how music can tell a story and can carry us right down past the brain and into the heart. One needs understand not a word of what follows to feel the flirtatious interplay between Mimi and Rodolfo gather, swell, and crash like a wave on the beach into, well, love, actually. There is no more joyous, innocent, and complete symbiosis of music and song as is contained here. If there is, I have yet to hear it. Claude Lévi-Strauss's claimed that “the invention of melody is the supreme mystery of man” who are we to argue?

wetbird, someday, long after we are gone, a few of the whippersnappers around here will be thinking back to those two old coots who introduced them to the opera. And we will be justified.



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