Sunday mornings in Bedford Stuyvesant
by Atticus (2012-12-30 18:23:24)
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  In reply to: What is the deal w/ waffles and chicken? Weird *  posted by Caber

Once upon a time, I was very active in Brooklyn Democratic politics. I was also a revert to Catholicism and had (still have, I hope) the zeal of a convert. That zeal, along with my political acquaintances, would land me invitations to address Sunday morning services at the African American churches in my borough.

I loved those streets on Sunday mornings. What had been the night before crowded with partiers and low-lifes were now busy with well-dressed church goers. There were generally two types of stores in proximity to the church I would be invited to speak (or testify) - a breakfast restaurant and a ladies millinery shop for the ladies' hats. The restaurants would always have chicken and waffles on the menu and cater to the parishoners. But I, being an urban working class Irishman, would have the bacon and eggs.

But still, the combination does not strike me as odd. De gustibus etc.


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