I read everyone's posts bitching about US Air, and chortled.
by Wooderson (click here to email the poster) (2012-12-30 01:48:30)
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  In reply to: So how was the hiking? How about a few pics? *  posted by Ryno

Because none of y'all had to fly LAN.

So, the hiking thing, well, due to a mid-vacation disaster with connections and whatnot, I got one day in Torres Del Paine. Had to horseback it up in the one day I had, at least I saw the Torres when the clouds parted for 5 mins. Pretty much the same as when I spent three nights in Kleine Scheidegg and saw the Eiger for 5 mins in total.

If you're seriously interested, I make music videos of my trips. Irish Apache will vouch for their legitimacy. Email me, and I'll link you.


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