I'll take a look.
by Papa November (2012-12-29 20:09:49)
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  In reply to: I've replaced several of these  posted by bmef

I have a red, white, yellow, green, and blue wire. They were all connected to R, W, Y, G, and C terminals, respectively. The new thermostat had those same terminals. The only difference is that instead of a single R like on the original thermostat, the new one has an Rc and Rh, with a jumper connecting the two. The instructions indicated that if you only have a single red wire from the house, which is the case, that you leave the jumper in. That would make sense in order to supply power to both the furnace and the A/C.

I have the single red house wire going into Rh, with the jumper still connected to Rc.


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