I lived in B-P
by mkovac (2012-12-28 15:32:28)
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Fond memories of Breen Phillips, my freshman year, '66-'67.

Arriving on campus with my parents for the first time and staying with them at the Morris Inn. After we checked in, we walked around campus for the first time.

It took forever to find BP and I realized it was adjacent to this huge building with a rounded roof - the Field House. After my Freshman year, I'd store my furniture and trunk there. When I arrived back for my sophomore year, my furniture was gone, but I still had that big damn trunk.

I remember the great football season and coming back to my room to find that my roommates and the guys in the room next to me had removed the medicine cabinets and were conducting a water fight through the hole in the wall with buckets full of water. All the stuff on my desk was soaked.

I had an Endless Summer poster on the wall that kept falling down no matter how many times I tried to tape it up.

The steam heat - hated that stuff - dried all of our sinuses out and we all got sick.

Then, in spring, the panty raid on St. Mary's. Some friends got into the second floor of LeMans Hall and hysterical St. Mary's girls laughingly threw bras at them until the penguins chased them out with brooms.

What a year.


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