I am waiting for Surface Pro...RT is the one available now
by ndgenius (2012-12-28 14:13:33)
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  In reply to: Anyone have a Microsoft Surface?  posted by steelhop

I'm assuming you know that already that the Surface that's available is the RT flavor meaning that it doesn't run traditional desktop programs, only apps. If you want to get office stuff on there I'm assuming that you have to do Office 365 or something like that. I doubt that outlook will work without a subscription to Office 365 although you should be able to get your mail on the tablet from some sort of app.

I am waiting for the Surface Pro because while the battery life sounds like it will be crappy, I like the form factor better than anything out there. I don't want a keyboard "dock"...if I wanted that, I'd get a laptop. I like the integrated kickstand, pen input and really thin keyboard that doubles as a cover.


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