If there ever was a case where arming oneself was
by atlpns (2012-12-28 08:17:29)
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justified, this is it.

Instead of waving a protective order in her husband's face she should have waved a 9mm Glock.

In my opinion, and with all of the testimony and facts given to the Judge in this case, she should have told Ms Kristofak that she should obtain appropriate training and arm herself. It would have been legal for her to do so and not out of bounds for the Judge to recommend it.

This woman could not have 100% certain protection from law enforcement (and the Judge as much as admitted that) and that was what was needed. If she had done so she might and probably would still be alive today.

According to the transcript of the guilty plea Oct. 12, Donna Kristofak told the judge: “I definitely want a permanent order of no contact. May I also say that a protective order existed the night of the arrest and I do not feel that will necessarily bring safety.”

Judge Grubbs: “I understand that. It’s a little different with a TPO and filing a protective order. … If he violates the order in this case he gets picked up by the probation violation and put in jail immediately.”

Mrs. Kristofak: “Yes, your honor, I respect that and thank you for that. My fear is that I may not survive that …”
“I understand,” the judge said, cutting in.
“… I fear for my life,” Mrs. Kristofak continued.

“I can’t tell you with 100 percent, I’d be lying to you and I am sorry you are in that position,” said the judge, sounding sympathetic. “But whatever I do, you can go out and, you’ve got that risk but you will have that … copy of the protective order so the minute you get nervous about anything you call the police. … It’s as close as we can get to 100 percent.”

“Thank you, your honor,” Mrs. Kristofak said. “May I ask, your honor, that it is on the record that I fear for my life?”

“It is on the record,” said Judge Grubbs, who then threatened John Kristofak, saying she would send him to prison in an instant if he ever came near his ex-wife or tried to contact her.


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