I echo Mr. Nat's thoughts on the cultural snobbery ....
by Rocksteady74 (2012-12-27 17:51:01)
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  In reply to: Music question froma total ignoramus  posted by captaineclectic

... aspect (and confirm that if the lead singer doesn't grab him, he has a hard time with the band). And we don't ever blame a band for shooting for or achieving success.

From my viewpoint, part of the backlash regarding Mumford is hipster snobbery. Part of it is a feeling that their reputation was hyped on the basis of their first album, which was pretty mediocre in my view. Several bands were doing a similar thing better at that point, and Mumford marketed with costumes and an Americana/working man pose that struck many as inauthentic.

However, a number of critics I respect like Mumford's current album. I believe that it is an improvement over their prior effort and has some nice songs. And there is a certain amount of posing in almost all efforts labeled "americana" these days.

I like Of Monsters and Men, and I don't find them to be similar to Mumford or Edward Sharpe. I won't predict whether Of Monsters and Men can keep their sound fresh and interesting over the course of multiple albums, but for now they are a welcome edition to the scene.


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