I know "they just don't do this in the NFL"
by miamioh_irishfan (2012-12-27 11:17:15)
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  In reply to: Nope. I don't want the Bears to make the playoffs  posted by El Kabong

but I wish they'd let him coach out his final year and then launch him. With all the age on the roster it would suck to let some new guy come in and hand him a bunch of guys who can't run anymore. Plus, I'm not sure Lovie is a terrible coach.

It may, in fact, be time to move on from this particular era of Bears football and not renew Lovie, but jumping into the coaching circus this season might not be the best idea either. There are about to be 12-14 openings in the league this year and the Bears are notoriously cheap with regard to coaching hires. Anyone they get this offseason will be a worse coach that Lovie and he'll have absolutely nothing to work with next year.


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