StubHub's about as close as you'll get to that.
by Revue Party (2012-12-26 22:22:16)
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  In reply to: I honestly would too, I am simply overly concerned  posted by Mr.Wendal

I've been very impressed with their service. I even got an email from them 10 minutes after FedEx delivered the package saying that my tickets had been delivered. Someone posted a story on Rock's about getting a phone call from them saying that the seller pulled the tickets and they wanted to offer him something better.

I have a friend who's explored several Craigslist listings and he thought they were all scams. I explored one and it was definitely a scam.

Prices there seem to be rising but after studying this thing from a bunch of angles on various sites, I couldn't ignore the sense of peace of mind StubHub gives.


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