"Brother, That's a Steak!"...Colliers, April 8, 1950...
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...if you click the link, then in the page layout view click page 30 for the beginning of the article. The original Erie Cafe in Chicago was at the northwest corner of Wells and Erie. My parents were supposed to go for dinner in mid-February 1955 with a bunch of friends, but instead my mom went into labor and delivered Kbyrnes at Jackson Park Hospital. As a souvenir the friends all signed the menu, which was a big foldout thing that had the Collier's article printed on the back.

The new Erie Cafe at Erie and Larrabee (7 blocks west of the original, whose building still exists, now occupied by Hooters!) has the phrase "Brother, That's a Steak" on their menu as a sort of motto.

"The customers gasped when Nello, the chef, carried in the steak. He was bearing it proudly, and with good reason: It was a little over seven inches thick, as high and handsome as a standing rib roast, smoking and sputtering and trailing loft wafts of brown butter-smoke through the warm, cheerful room....

"A two-pound Erie T-bone, with a green vegetable, a salad, a potato and a beverage, costs $3."

Irv Kupcinet, "the lively art of conversation."
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Kup!!! *
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