I was standing in front of Jake Kelchner in the bookstore -
by mkovac (2012-12-26 18:22:40)
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the old bookstore, next to my old dorm, Badin.

Jake was with his father and they were buying loads of ND clothing. I started up a conversation with him and he was hoping to get back in to ND from Holy Cross JC, but I don't think he ever did.

To me, seeing him there with his dad and buying a lot of ND stuff told me that he still loved ND and wanted to stay there.

I miss the intimacy of the old bookstore, where students could buy shaving cream and toothpaste, and where the top floor was where student bought their overpriced books for their classes.

It always felt good to take the new books back to my dorm room and open them up to see what I was going to study. Then, a few weeks later, when the newness of the books and the anticipation of the new classes would wear off, the grind would begin and total immersion in endless homework and studying and hours at the Library would begin to wear on my soul.

And then, there was the worry about classmates going off to the meatgrinder that was Viet Nam.


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