To be clear, if my post was not enough already, I am NOT
by 53stackmonster (2012-12-26 15:31:38)
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  In reply to: What is your concern, exactly?  posted by jerseyirish07

concerned at all.

I was curious if there would be a reaction to this at all. I have seen reactions before that would lead me to believe I might find some backlash to this book/type of book leading sales in the campus bookstore

I was a bit surprised, I will admit.

I personally find the author to be pompous and sophomoric.

But as a non-alum and non-Catholic, it is not really my place to take offense, nor would I be so inclined, I believe, to take great offense were I both.

But to repeat, I was curious as to whether or not there would be a mixed reaction, that is all.

Extremely slow day at the office--apologies if it would appear my post is in poor taste, and I am sincere in saying that.


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