Cold facts and fiction
by SEE (2012-12-26 11:35:43)
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After an exhaustive hour googling my phone here's what I have on colds.

- A wet head doesn't increase your chance of getting a cold. A cold is a virus.
- Dried out nasal passages do increase your chance for a cold. Get a humidifier or use a nasal rinse.
- Anti-bacterials do not prevent colds, washing your hands does.
- Chicken soup works.
- Sunshine works too (Vitamin D)
- Up your mood. Stress affects your immune system.
- Immune boosters don't help in fighting off a cold, they can actually make the symptoms worse. They can help ward off colds, but by the time you have one the horse has left the barn.
- Unlike flu, cold viruses are not spread in the air.

Now to the big question: Why do colds viruses happen more in winter?

No one's proven why, but a couple of factors

There are more active viruses, viruses seem to like winter temperatures and dry air, less sunshine lowers Vitamin D and your immune system, less sunshine can also decrease moods hurting the immune system, not inly are viruses more active at winter temps, but we're huddled inside, so we're more likely to come into contact with them and our cold blocking membranes are dry so we're more likely to get colds when we touch a virus that's more active and in more places.

The moral: go out with a wet head, just not a dry nose.


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