Kind of my point, though
by lbird33 (2012-12-20 11:39:18)
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  In reply to: Let's take your example of an $800 dollar check not  posted by LocalSubAlum

I'm actually not trying to be argumentative (and hope others will chime in with reasons), but I agree with the receipt I receive at counter or ATM. I check that. And I'm really comfortable that if the printed receipt is right then the $$ credited or withdrawn from my account will be right (I've never seen that not be the case).

So -- again, what's the big benefit of the reconciliation.

One thing i do is keep a bit too much cash in my checking account (never close to overdrawing). But at current interest rates, that's probably costing me $50 per year (maybe) in interest. And I likethe comfort of that.

Besides "you should" that I've heard for decades, I stil don't know what huge benefit there is. I haven't for 20 years and -- besides assuming that maybe I've messed up a couple of deposits or withdraws in that time -- I've never bounced a check and saved myself untold hours.

Anyone else have stories of how meticulously doing this saved their hide?


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