Was it a cavity check or a cheek check - if the latter good
by 88_92WSND (2012-12-20 10:35:51)
Edited on 2012-12-20 10:43:24
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reason for it -

Seriously -- that's some serious bedonkadonk to hide a pistol...

"The night was Thursday, August 1, 2002. Schmidt and Officer Tammy Friestleben, encountered Martha Donald, 60, at the Horn Terrace and Tower public housing complex in the Lyndale neighborhood in south Minneapolis. A member of Donald's family had placed a 911 call, expressing concern that she had a gun and was headed for home at Horn Terrace.

Donald allowed the officers to search her vehicle and pat her down. They found bullets in her purse but no weapon. Donald asked to use the restroom, and Schmidt and Friestleben escorted her to the first-floor restroom in Horn Terrace.

While Schmidt and Friestleben waited outside the stalls, Donald lunged from her stall, firing with a gun she'd concealed between her buttocks. Although Schmidt was wearing a bulletproof vest, she was shot in the abdomen below her vest. Officer Schmidt returned fire, fatally wounding Donald. Officer Schmidt then held her position until other officers arrived on the scene.


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