The Vendee Globe is half over.
by Atticus (2012-12-19 21:47:36)
Edited on 2012-12-19 22:16:20
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Yes, after 40 days or so, the greatest athletic challenge in the world is half over as the lead sailors plunge into near-Antarctic waters a hundred miles south of New Zealand, a drastic change from the tropical temperatures of a few weeks ago.

The Vendee Globe requires the sailors to circumnavigate the globe alone and non-stop.
Alone. Non-stop.
Top that for a challenge of skill, courage, and endurance.

The first man to sail solo around the world was Joshua Slocum whose book on the voyage has been listed in lists for both great sailing and great zen reads. Cpt Slocum stopped along the way in his home-made boat, the immortal Spray. These sailors don't.

See link for the tracking map.
Expand the map to see just how tight the race is between the two lead sailors. Amazing.

The leader's (Francois Gabart) boat. Perfection of nautical engineering:

That web site is fascinating
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I have so many questions after watching the track of the race.

For instance, wind patterns must surely dictate the sometimes circuitous routes chosen by the participants. I wonder how they track wind in other locations than their own? Satellite weather reports? I wonder what data they can access?

I also was interested in the way the sailboats would slow to a crawl at times. The boats would then sometimes change directions, apparently looking for wind.

I don't have time to study it now, but I may devote some time to this when I have the opportunity.

By the way, have you finished Manchester volume 3? Thoughts?

By the way, check out their great Ipad app
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Its maps will show the direction of the prevailing winds.

Not yet
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I put the tjird volume on hold while I re-read Lonesome Dove. I read the first hundred pages or so of the Churchill and find it very good reading. It seems to lack the spirit of Manchester's work.

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