Sort of a related story about my old neighborhood
by MNG (2012-12-19 21:44:12)
Edited on 2012-12-19 21:45:37
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  In reply to: I take it you are not married to a Sicilian.  posted by Atticus

When I was maybe 11, living in my old Italian-American neighborhood, the kid across the strret(maybe 24 years old) married an Irish girl from the Elmhurst neighborhood in Providence(near PC, Old Irish neighborhood back then). Anyway, I remember that they moved into his family's big 4 family apartment complex,which was just loaded with Sicilian women(his mother, 3 sisters, couple aunts and a grandma). He was the "only" boy in the family and yes he was the King. I can remember mom and dad laughing and talking about the "poor Irish girl" across the street and how much she couldn't wait until they got their own house, one not that close to his hovering Mom and female loved ones.


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