Architects, query on school security...
by kbyrnes (2012-12-16 12:09:33)
[ cannot delete ]   [ Edit ]   [ Return to Back Room ]   [ Show All Thread ]   [ Ignore Poster ]   [ Report Post ]   [ Highlight Poster ]   [ Reply ] much would it cost (average aggregate cost, per door, etc.) to install security doors to each classroom and event area (gym, library, etc.) that could be centrally operated? E.g., pocket-style doors that on a central command will slide shut. We were just batting around, here on the home front, what further measures could be taken to protect kids at school from possible incidents like Newtown.

One thing that entered my thinking: buildings are often designed, in many respects, for peak conditions. For example, the elevator capacity for a high-rise office building in downtown Chicago must accommodate peak demand, not average demand. So, with regard to school security, shouldn't we design for the peak exigency?


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