Please identify those contexts in which it is permissible
by grnd (2012-12-16 08:22:00)
Edited on 2012-12-16 08:32:20
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  In reply to: I am FAR from being a gun expert, but...  posted by PabloFanque

to intentionally mischaracterize something. One of them certainly appears to be in the wake of such shooting tragedies when facts become optional.

I doubt any soldier would go into harms way choosing a .223 Bushmaster over an M4. Why is that? Because the civilian .223 Bushmaster lacks critical capabilities (such as the ability to put down suppressing fire -- in case you are wondering, that is what an "automatic" weapon gets you).

A .223 Bushmaster is small caliber, semi-automatic rifle that is not that different from a .22 long rifle -- a ubiquitous rifle and round used for small game hunting. Any gun can be as dangerous as the person holding it wants to be.


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