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by kbyrnes (2012-12-16 00:30:17)
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  In reply to: You sure get hot and bothered easily lately.  posted by Rudy36

...most of the murders in Chicago are not in the commission of robbery or rape, but gangbangers shooting at each other indiscriminately and hitting innocents along with intended targets. Concealed carry is coming to IL, and there will be three general types of owners: white suburbans who will almost never, ever chamber up other than at a practice range; hoodlums who will go on pretty much as usual; and older inner-city types who are getting fed up with the lawlessness in their neighborhoods, and are already widely armed. As a result there may be a certain increased number of self-defense shootings, like this one in Chicago, or this one in Kentucky (you have to like that guy's spirit--best night of sleep in a long time!).

Hopefully there will be no increase in sad incidents like this, this, this, or...well, there are more.

I am basically an agnostic/cynic/benign pessimist when it comes to gun regulation. There's nothing we can do that would make a short-term impact, and the most important thing, long term, is to reduce the propensity of young guys to shoot people as part of their gang activity. I do think that it's reasonable to have some regulations on gun sales and ownership; e.g., if a police officer loses their gun, there's hell to pay. If I lose one, and don't report it, who cares?

The best solution to stopping the public murders on the streets of Chicago is to take away the economic engine of the gangs (drug sales). It's a lot like the Prohibition era. These gangs are controlled by older guys who are reaping small fortunes; the gangs have mid-level managers, street soldiers, and the youngest guys who are runners and watchers (e.g., drugs are sold near the corner of Pulaski and Maypole on a Sunday night; young guys (like, 12 years old) are stationed a block in every direction with a cell phone. If they see a squad car or unmarked tac car, they call in their sighting, and the salesmen lay low. A well-developed gang is quite an organization, all designed to reap $$$. They are like the Mexican cartels, just writ a bit smaller. One current problem is that the bigger, more well-organized gangs have been breaking down in recent years into all sorts of factions; the turf lines are more fluid, and that is part of the reason for the increase in shootings.


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