There's a clear bright line even hippies and hipsters can
by OGerry (2012-12-15 11:08:53)
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  In reply to: Because he doesn't understand the first damn thing about  posted by Rudy36

understand. No one needs a handgun for hunting or protecting one's home. They can be useful in such situations, but they are not required to achieve either end with firearms.

If the Supreme Court allowed it, and gun fetishizers were pushed into the corner where they belonged, then banning handguns would make a whole hell of a lot of sense. Granted as noted in this subthread, it wouldn't change much in the immediate. There are too many out there, too many methods of procurement, and too many interests. But twenty years down the line, we would be much better off as a country, provided we don't find other ways to decay into dissolution.

Or of course, we can follow the logic of the gun apologists, and just arm all of our citizens, teachers and kids included. Then everyone will be safe.


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