The unforgiveable sin is the sin against the Holy Spirit
by captaineclectic (2012-12-14 20:17:29)
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  In reply to: Despair is a mortal sin; we must not surrender *  posted by Slide Kelly slide

Thomas Aquinas said that this was

--despair -- to think that even God could not redeem a set of circumstances (equivalent to a rejection of redemption when offered)

--presumption -- to think that one can be pardoned without repentance (how could such a sin, logically, be forgiven when forgiveness rests on repentance?)

--resistance -- naming a known truth as a lie out of pride

--envy of grace of another

--impenitence -- to refuse to repent a known sin out of pride or stubbornness

--obstinancy -- to refuse to believe that an act is sinful in spite of evidence, because the act is dearer to one than the truth.

In other words, you are right.


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