I'm with Papa and anthro here
by irishcrusader (2012-12-14 19:24:12)
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  In reply to: Do you think this has any staying power?  posted by jerseyirish07

so long as there is one single person who legitimately cares about others there is hope. It feels like we're failing, feels like the world has been turned on its head, feels like we can not win. But so long as we continue to care about others the world is not doomed. It's fucking hard as hell, but the only thing to do here is to become a better person, and hope your example saves a soul or two...because if everyone did that then evil, especially evil this blatant, would be washed from the face of the earth.

I can't give up because for all the evil I've seen today, the world is still capable of great good. But it is a constant and often unfulfilling fight, one where you can't see the gains nearly as easily as the losses.

Anyway I am now taking off my hat of sincerity and will return to being my normal sarcastic self on the board tomorrow.

It's a hard and lonely fight to continue to care, to be a good person, but a worthy one.


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