Bingo. And that is why I believe that 3D printing is going
by KeoughCharles05 (2012-12-14 16:43:41)
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  In reply to: That last line is a good point  posted by manor98

to be an incredibly revolutionary technology that fundamentally alters the balance of power between the government and the individual.

And it's also why I think that there are some grave dangers to our freedom and privacy coming. Once we can download CAD plans to construct anything we want, the only effective way to actually prevent that is going to be monitoring and eavesdropping of internet and computer communications. I fear that a fearful society is going to grant our governments the ability and authority to monitor all such communications, and that the exchange of information is going to be restricted.

The ability of individuals to learn what they want and create what they want is going to make regulation the types of which we currently experience a very difficult proposition. Creation and distribution will be too decrentralized to do so effectively without tyranny. And that is my biggest fear for the creation of a tyrannical state.


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