No, it's yours.
by Ofcr. Tim McCarthy (2012-12-14 16:06:14)
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  In reply to: It's your choice, Tim.  posted by ndtiger

I've said one thing throughout: We do these things to ourselves and our kids now because we're worse people than we used to be, and we're worse because as a people we've given up on family and then God. And unsurprisingly -- really very unsurprisingly indeed -- that drew responses ranging from mealy rants about the wisdon of social relativism to scolds that this wasn't the time to talk about God and family to slurs like "dick" and "cocksucker." It's not my tone that has taken all of you 8 people in the direction you've gone. You did that. And the reason why you did that is that you really, really didn't want to hear what I have already chosen to say. I haven't called you a heathen going to Hell, or anything like it -- or a dick, or a cocksucker -- but that what's you chose to hear. Because you're were much readier to hear that than to hear what I said, and will continue to say.

So now, your choice is whether or not to hear it, and then whether or not to think about it. I'm not sorry that it's uncomfortable. It can't be otherwise. I'm not going to Oprahfy it or call it a social problem, because it deserves more respect than that. And it's your choice.


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