If an assassin is willing to trade his life for yours
by manor98 (2012-12-14 15:56:10)
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  In reply to: As a parent and school administrator,  posted by NW Ohio Irish

You're going to die, especially if you're not expecting it. I don't mean to be creepy, it's just the reality of it. My father has always said that about political assassinations - pretty sure he got it from somewhere else, but I don't know where. This type of person is in some sort of homicidal rage and has no grasp on reality, which even if he's not consciously willing to die is essentially the same thing. Lock down the school, and he'll break a window and shoot people. Lock down the school grounds, and he'll be on the rooftop across the street with a rifle.

We're too worried about stopping the result. We need to figure out how to stop the cause - and I don't mean a gun ban, I mean whatever the fuck is making people want to go out and murder a couple dozen strangers. This is not any kind of shot at you, mind you, just my commentary on the situation. Something is very, very broken in society - if I had to guess, the Generation Me effect that's seemingly spread to everyone regardless of actual generation, and has far too many of us not noticing our brothers. I have twin toddler boys and another one due at the end of January, and I can't even complete the thought of imagining if it was them. This is just so unimaginably sad.


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