Yes, it is. It's right there, in that black and white ...
by Ofcr. Tim McCarthy (2012-12-14 15:49:26)
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  In reply to: That isn't what I said  posted by elterrible

... that you're so uncomfortable with. And now, yet again, just like with that snarky "came around" post up there, you want to get away from what's right in front of you. So now I'm a "dick," too. And this all shows how big a meanie I am, right?

I have no idea whether you're a liberal or an atheist or a pussy. You assiduously decline to say anything more than "well, it's complicated." But for one thing, that's a useless thing to say, and for another, maybe it's not all that complicated. Maybe it's simple. Maybe God is, you know, God.


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