Sure thing.
by Wooderson (2012-12-14 15:23:10)
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The US has a crazy love of war and all things gun related. Civil War re-enactments, gun shows, the plethora of magazines devoted to them, and the images we put in front of our kids glorifying them. Think GI Joe. From early on, kids see acceptable images of gratuitous violence, and there's a numbing towards it.

Then, as we go through school, and learn our nations laws, we're taught that the rights contained in the original amendments are inalienable, and normal, and the ideal to which should be aspired. Imagine my surprise when I found out the rest of the world didn't have guns the way Americans have guns.

So do we glorify the 2nd amendment? Absolutely. Gun ownership makes you a MAN dammit, and that right exists to protect my right to go buy a gun and use it? On what? Why, surely if I grabbed a pistol by the barrel and left the mag in, it makes for a handy hammer. But it doesn't work so well as a screwdriver. You see, the 2nd Amendment, in the 21st century, exists for one reason, and one reason only: To protect the right of a non-felon to legally purchase an implement of death. Guns do one thing. Kill. We devoted 1/10th of our Bill of Rights (blessed by God, as it says in the text) to protect the right of our citizens to break 1/10th of the basic rule set that predates it (ironically, the ones God actually wrote).


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