At what point did our worsening lack of faith ...
by Ofcr. Tim McCarthy (2012-12-14 15:16:36)
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  In reply to: At what point did our national God-consciousness  posted by IrishGuard

... (not "God-consciousness," Professor, faith) cause us to start killing our kids? Because that's what we're assiduously doing now, right in front of your eyes.

All of those other crimes you listed are entirely beside the point. Yes, as a nation we've done all the sorts of horrible things that every nation has done. But now we're still doing those things -- addled Boomer divorcees didn't stop us from torturing people a few years ago, or from turning our backs on democratic movements now -- and now we're also killing ourselves and our kids from the inside out. You want to talk about what we did to the Native Americans 200 years ago so you won't have to talk about what you see us doing to ourselves here and now. That, after all, is the conversation you're trained to have -- the one about "social problems." And that conversation is absolutely useless in the face of the human desire to do things like what you're watching now. So no, I won't spare you.


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