Oh, I'm not surprised.
by Ofcr. Tim McCarthy (2012-12-14 15:02:22)
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  In reply to: You tried to hit a nerve. Now you feign surprise? *  posted by ndtim2005

What that guy had to say -- or rather, to avoid saying -- was the same as most everybody else. You bet I meant to hit that nerve, and it's easy. It's always easy. Here, I'll do it again: This isn't because of "society," and it isn't because of guns, and it isn't because we all don't share enough. It's because we're weaker, more craven people than Americans used to be, and the reason why we're weaker and worse than we used to be is because we decided we were too cool for family and God. If you don't like hearing that, I suggest you curl up with that bruised nerve and think about it.


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