It's not just a "timeline."
by Ofcr. Tim McCarthy (2012-12-14 14:56:48)
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  In reply to: I don't disagree with your timeline.  posted by Bailey

The Soviets tried to replace God with the Party and make their "society" work that way. It didn't work. The hippies tried to replace God with Gaia for their new "society." It didn't work. There is in fact just one sort of "society" that makes people better than this. And we're not that sort any more.

And I don't want to be Europe. Yes, we needed robust families and robust faith in order to be American. And yes, we all could sedate ourselves daily and thus achieve peace (at least for the moment, see, e.g., Anders Breivik). But in order to be human and American, we needed God and family. We've given up on God and family, and now being American and human are becoming passe too.


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