I can't believe that knowing your neighbors helps.
by smcchick (2012-12-14 14:19:54)
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  In reply to: Is their society as transient?  posted by Bailey

My gf's parents know everyone around them, everyone has acres around them. The family has lived there for at least 80 years. In the past 10 years, their robbery, drug use stories are insane. I have known maybe 3 of my neighbors in the past 10 years and have not had a damn thing happen to me.

Her parents are scared to death of our neighborhood and people of any color. Yet, they were just talking about a guy who comes into their shed to steal tools so he can fund his meth habit. And down the road a guy shot his girlfriend in front of my gf's niece. Everyone knows each other, but the crazy meter is off the charts.


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