You think "sharing your problems" = "Oprah"?
by IrishGuard (2012-12-14 14:15:54)
Edited on 2012-12-14 14:23:09
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  In reply to: Yes, you're wrong. More Oprah is not the solution.  posted by Ofcr. Tim McCarthy

How about having a community wherein people give a shit about each other, so that my problem is your problem, and vice versa. How about building social networks of real interaction and a common sense of purpose?

"Honest, hard-working, and God-fearing" sounds like an ideological hobby horse you're riding, and the other side of the coin of the kind of individualism it takes to enforce a Protestant work ethic and a rugged individualism that strives for personal virtue is precisely one in which people find themselves alone in a sea of self-determining, self-actualizers.

Good > Right
Society > Me

Ok, end rant.


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