19 Out of Print Gene Wolfe books now available as e-books
by captaineclectic (2012-12-14 10:44:19)
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Guys, you should really be reading Gene Wolfe.

Not only do I endorse him, but he's also endorsed by a wide-range of other Back Room talent, and also by irishcrusader.

Describing Wolfe in "X meets Y" terms leads to some pretty goofy superlatives. Tolkien meets Proust? Joyce meets Lovecraft? Robert E. Howard meets Robert Graves? G.K. Chesterton meets Herman Melville? Kafka meets Bradbury?

Hopefully you get some kind of picture.

Anyway, this is a great way to get acquanted with the master. I haven't read all these books, so I can't speak to all of them, but other than Free Live Free I've never been let down.


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