You're right about you're being wrong.
by OGerry (2012-12-10 18:44:07)
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  In reply to: By employing Rawls' veil of ignorance  posted by JPH

Rawls is beautiful, at least according to Nozick. But his ideas certainly have terrible holes. Part of his deal is that he's hoping to construct a moral framework to legitimate the modern state without any reference to rights. Justice as fairness. Forget all the stilted nonsense of rights or utiles. Think of him as an Americanized version of Manny the Prussian. Instead of Spanglish, we could call in Merkassian.

The original position serves as an analog for the state of nature, but with Rawls we can determine correct behavior without butchering important anthropological questions like the libertarians littering this place do. At least that's the ambition and the conceit.


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