Oh... hey Cash. You, um, read this board?
by Czarobski (2012-12-10 15:15:42)
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  In reply to: [kneels to scrape up scattered fragments of his psyche] *  posted by Cash

Man, this is kinda awkward. But I guess it's better that we just come clean with it:

The cast has been talking. They don't think you're a particularly strong actor. Which is precisely why we gave you Ghost of Christmas Future. And yes, yes, we appreciate that you bring your own scythe each year. That's great, and totally not creepy at all.

But the acting... I mean... it's a non-speaking role. You just have to point at a gravestone. That's it. It ain't brain surgery. It's just f-ing pointing. It's more like open-heart surgery.


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