I would agree
by HTownND (2012-12-10 15:08:29)
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  In reply to: Your second paragraph is where you & "nones" would depart  posted by ThreeD

I would however, simply point out, you are trading one flawed system for another flawed system.

The flaws are different, but both are flawed.

If we're honest and say that a flaw is why we don't listen to/trust/have faith in one of the above, then we should recognize that all vessels of God's Truth are flawed.

From there, it becomes an issue of faith. I cannot fault someone for not putting their faith in organized religion. There is logic to that position. But if I'm going to harp on the flaws of organized religion, I should also point out the flaws of individualism and humanism, because they have giant flaws too. Of a different stripe and nature, but big glaring flaws none the less.


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