Is "none" a lack of religiousness or just organized religion
by anthro_domer (2012-12-10 11:45:47)
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  In reply to: OGerry will probably call me a liberal, but  posted by Karl(1of1)

I would probably ascribe myself to "none" in that I don't currently have an attachment to organized religion (I might be drifting back to Catholicism). I wouldn't say I'm not religious though. I frequently pray and thank God for the blessings He's given. I believe in Christ's divinity and the Gospels.

However, I drifted from organized religion in part because I'm not sure it's as needed in an age with easy access to religious texts. Do I need a church to guide me on contemplating the transubstantiation of the Eucharist? Not really; I can go read countless discussions about it. I surely don't need to go to mass to contemplate scripture, unlike the case probably less than a few hundred years ago.

I am strongly considering re-entering the Catholic Church, in part because I think my insistence on not needing a community for my faith was brought on by arrogance, but I think many people may decide that personal reflection on religion is sufficiently possible without an organized community. I'm not sure it makes them non-religious, but merely caught up in the individualistic spirit (for good and bad) of this county.


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