I think you can do better than that!
by captaineclectic (2012-12-10 11:19:32)
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  In reply to: I'll make the argument  posted by Barney68

The Spanish Inquisition was a joint Church/State affair, with the Spanish monarchy driving the bus.

Which institutions does that forever discredit as defenders of rights?

1) The Roman Catholic Church;

2) The Spanish monarchy;

3) All Christian churches;

4) All European monarchies;

5) Theistic religions;

6) Monarchies;

7) Religion; (what you originally said)

8) Government;

9) All of the above

10) None of the above -- it would be insanely stupid to cherry-pick any group or ideology's worst historical offense and hold it up as an exemplar of conduct for that group or ideology forever. I would never dream of slandering people who work hard for freedom and justice across the globe because people who happened to think the same things happen after death as they did did something terrible centuries before they were born.

You can pick any of these, except 10). You've ruled yourself out for that already, I'm afraid.


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