Natural law
by HTownND (2012-12-10 11:19:32)
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  In reply to: Can you explain the correlation b/w religion & human rights?  posted by golden child

What I find interesting, is that there is a subset of the populace, who believes that people, when given the choice, will not be charitable, will not take care of the least of us, and will only worry about themselves, because it's in mankind's nature.

Some of those people would then turn around and argue that our moral codes were developed by these same flawed humans as an offspring of a "just society" of laws, and that it was all human intellect that taught us to not kill, steal, etc.

Much of the laws of today, are based on natural law, written on our hearts. We know that killing is wrong, not because of some intellectual think tank, because this notion is seen throughout societies and throughout religious and non religious. It's natural law, it's written on our heart. It's not the offspring of human thought or intellect. It's not the result of some ideal and benevolence on the part of mankind. It's written on our hearts. That's what Karl is getting at. Much of our long held moral laws aren't based on human thinking, but on a deeply held belief in the natural law.


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