Maybe we're talking past each other a bit.
by DeBo (2012-12-10 11:19:32)
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  In reply to: But genetics play no more of a role in moral thinking  posted by captaineclectic

I was addressing Karl's question of, "where will be found even a conceptual basis for unalienable human rights?" I was not trying to suggest that genetics directly inform individual moral choices. Nor was I suggesting that genetics can serve to choose the correct moral system from among different options (which is how vitadulcedospes et al. seem to have taken the point above).

My greater point was that genetics may provide us with a predisposition towards certain inalienable rights, such as rights to life, liberty and happiness. This predisposition may serve as a brake on the oppressive government Karl feared in the original post. I don't think genetics will ever serve to completely define a single, agreed upon moral code, just as religion has failed to do over the past few million years.


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