How sharper than a serpent's tooth!
by Atticus (2012-12-10 11:19:32)
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  In reply to: The secular societies you admire  posted by captaineclectic

How sharper than a serpent's tooth it is
To have a thankless child! Away, away!

I deal every day with the spoiled children of great wealth. I liken the secularist's critique of our religious past to the complaints of a trust fund bum, living off the inherited capital of the family but without an ounce of gratitude, an inch of self-awareness.

As Roman Guardini put it:
...We know now that the modern world is coming to an end . . . at the same time, the unbeliever will emerge from the fogs of secularism. He will cease to reap benefit from the values and forces developed by the very Revelation he denies . . .Loneliness in faith will be terrible. Love will disappear from the face of the public world, but the more precious will be that love which flows from one lonely person to another . . . the world to come will be filled with animosity and danger, but it will be a world open and clean.
- Romano Guardini, The End of the Modern World


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