Self-actualization is the stillborn god of our era.
by captaineclectic (2012-12-10 11:19:32)
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  In reply to: OGerry will probably call me a liberal, but  posted by Karl(1of1)

Even an irreligious coworker (self-described lapsed Catholic) told me he considered Breaking Bad to be a fable of the hollowness of modern America.

A repressed weakling gains the power he's always craved, only to find that it ruins him. Fully self-actualized now, he comes to realize that he loved the wrong god all along -- but too late.

America is the Walter White of the world.

Our downfall will be as deserved.

I tell you naught for your comfort
Yea, naught for your desire
Save that the sky grows darker yet
And the sea rises higher


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