these "prepared apology statements" by athletes are funny
by jt (2012-12-10 01:51:50)
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do the agents/pr people that write these think people are idiots?

Exhibit A: Stephen Jackson (you might remember him from such actions as getting into a brawl with fans in Detroit a few years back). I guess a guy from the Spurs got into it with Jackson's close and personal friend Ron Artest and Stephen felt it necessary to send out this tweet:

"Somebody tel serg Abaka. He aint bout dis life. Next time he run up on me im goin in his mouth. That's a promise. He doin 2 much," he tweeted.

Now, let us compare and contrast the above with the apology he sent out:

"I apologize to Serge Ibaka, the NBA, and to all my fans for the comments I made," Jackson tweeted. "It was unprofessional and childish. I'm not a thug just a man who speaks his mind. It was not appropriate. I do apologize. Only a man can admit when he's wrong."

Good Lord, don't they want it to at least sound like something he would say?

Maybe he took a Comp 101 class in the interim. *
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Maybe he's part of Galippo's Hobbit study group. *
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