Any recent Android phones with a decent camera?
by KelleyCook (2013-07-24 11:10:53)
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I'm looking for an Android cameraphone from post-2011 that actually has a decent camera.

This isn't for me, but I can attest that my Nexus 4 which is my go-to recommendation for that anti-contract crowd takes mediocre pictures.

Her current cell phone is ancient and takes webcam-esque pictures. As her point-and-shoot recently drowned, she would rather replace both of them and not carry two devices.

This will be for a BYOD $40/mo unlimited plan, so please don't recommend an S4 or HTC One because they won't be paying $600 for their phone. As they don't care about the latest bells and whistles and are perfectly happy with an good condition pre-owned phone, they are willing to ebay for it, but they will need to know which models to look for.

Any suggestions from the BR?


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