First, I'm sorry to hear you're position is being eliminated
by sluredandstumbly (click here to email the poster) (2013-07-24 10:41:07)
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  In reply to: HR and/or employment attorney's: (help please)  posted by Irish72

That being said, you should be sure that you are being treated fairly and equitably. You should expect to receive similar severance to any other employee of your status that has been separated in the past. You will likely be asked to sign a general release in return for severance - make sure you have an attorney review the release. Finally, I assume from your handle that you may be over 40 - if so, you are a member of at least one protected class. If you feel you are not being treated fairly, you may have some legal recourse.

Note: I am an HR Exec and would be happy to talk to you live if you'd like more advice. E-mail linked above. Good luck.


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